hi I'm Mika and you've reached her art dump blog / art diary?? So this is where all the practice sketches, doodles, and other shit go, and you'll occasionally see a finished art.
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what have I done
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==> davesprite: ascend
you feel yourself disintegrating, and for the second time in your life, you see your life flash in front of your eyes
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painting practice! and yeah i think it’ll look p good enough for my icon
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someone send an ambulance i think ive got the case of artist block
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==> Sense the heir’s presence
You sigh and stand up from your amazing hot bath. You started your journey a year ago, and honestly, you haven’t gotten that far. The insignia faintly glowing on your back tells you that you have competition nearby.
Who knows, maybe you guys could team up. You weren’t really getting anywhere anyway.
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played with value, and some concept art for pilgrimstuck! as you can see, it’s heavily based on Journey u w u it may actually evolve into an actual original setting but who knows
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you know what would be nice

hypnotist!John and subject!Dave

there should be more of this

wow yesterday i checked i had 9 followers

but since that post i’VE GAINED 20???? AAA THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH YA’LL ARE SO PRECIOUS ;;;;wwww;;

==> Check yourself out
finally after god knows how long, you take a shower in one of the empty bathrooms in this meteor. But instead of meeting the gorgeous reflection you were expecting in the mirror, you find yourself looking into your own eyes that now weirdly turned into clocks. They probably changed after you reached god tier but it’s
completely disturbing
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